The Scribe in Me.

The Scribe in Me.



Gratitude has two qualities:

The first is appreciation;

The second quality is that it is gratis;

Freely given to you.

Today's Gratitude - 30/05/2020

Today I'm grateful to be able to speak as gaeilge (in Irish).

Is mór agam inniu labhairt i nGaeilge. Irish is such an expressive language. It sort of showers words, expressions, feelings and states of beings on you. Often when I am writing and I'm stuck for a word or a phrase I say what I am trying to say to myself in Irish and it gives me a whole new way of putting something. In fact, I'd go so far to say that the reason so many of the best world writers are irish is because of the Hiberno English we use to express ourselves with. To love somebody in Irish is to "be in love" with them (tá mé i ngrá leat), it's a state of being. Nach iontach an rud é sin?

Today's Gratitude - 29/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for old movies.

There is something about seeing a film for the second time, it is as if the flavour percolates out through the screen and it is so enjoyable. When I was growing up there was a thing called the Sunday Matinee, they were sometimes interesting, sometimes sweet, sometimes very simple, but most of the time memorable. I must make a list of must see movies.

Today's Gratitude - 28/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for my patio.

It is great to have somewhere to sit out in of a sunny day. A place where you can drink in the sounds of nature and the panorama. Dining al fresco is one of life's simple pleasure. They say if you want an adventure, step outside, I just have to step through a French door. Life is good on days like that.

Today's Gratitude - 28/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for insight.

There is hindsight, foresight, second sight, sunlight, limelight, eyesight, spotlight, twilight and a myriad of other ways that you can see something. Maybe that is all godshite, but, I do have the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of things and for that I give thanks.

Today's Gratitude - 26/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for my spectacles.

I had a writing deadline today. The hardest part of writing is editing and that cannot be done by me without my spectacles. I am a bit like Oscar Wilde, I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying. They say that a good pair can even cure you of love then again my Guru Leonard Cohen did say something that is not so easily contradicted - 'There ain't no cure for love.' 

Today's Gratitude - 25/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for resilience.

Every day is a new chapter in a new day. The past is past, what matters is what we do today. I have weathered many storms in life. I know my tipping point. Hope and enjoyment are the first principles of existence and no matter what obstacle I have faith that I will overcome it.

Today's Gratitude - 24/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for surprises.

I like when good, unexpected things happen. I like when I'm surprised. Not all surprises are plesant ones, but you still gotta love the element of surprise. Like sitting under a Louis Le Brocquy print and having a cuppa with a friend and discovering that they have met the artist. It is in the times you round a corner and encounter an old friend or when you hear a tune that reminds you of someone. I love surprises.

Today's Gratitude - 23/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for Blackcurrant Jam.

It reminds me of visits to my great aunt's house in Modeligo. They are brim full of vitamin C and antioxidants and that has to be good right? Sometimes I take it spread it on toast but mostly I dollop a spoon of it into my Greek yoghurt. It tastes like forbidden fruit. There is no better taste in the morning.

Today's Gratitude - 22/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for diversions.

They are the things that make you wander off the motorway of a sunny Friday, to the road less travelled by. It leads to discoveries, insights, delights. Diversions are distractions for the soul.

Today's Gratitude - 21/05/2020

Today I'm grateful to the people who understand me.

Empathy is such a rare gift. There is such a loneliness in not being understood. It makes you wander aimlessly in a daze, comes between you and your sleep. when the universe sees fit to send you people who get you it is like the brightest light in the darkest tunnel. 

Today's Gratitude - 20/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for my grove.

I have a grove of Rowan in my garden. It has a southern aspect. It is a place of soltitude and stillness, yet it teems with wildlife. It houses many amulets and tokens. It is the place where I meditate and do my rituals. I feel so protected there, so safe, so at one with my being and with nature.

Today's Gratitude - 19/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for compliments.

I love compliments and I especially love the ones that come unbidden. Yesterday I received a string of them out of the blue, from a woman who has become a dear friend. The fact that she is a poet too somehow makes them more special. She called me a delight, said that I had brave bones, gratitude and fortitude. I am glowing in that aura she says is around me. She is my 'Silver Lining.'

Today's Gratitude - 18/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for my father.

My father is no longer with us, but, it is fitting that I should remember him today, as it marks his birthday. He was skilled and talented and brainy and could be the life and soul of the party. I remember picking him a bunch of Bluebells once, those flowers always remind me of him. I'm grateful to him for the life he gave me and for my siblings. 

Today's Gratitude - 17/05/2020.

Today I'm grateful for ensuite bathrooms.

With compromised kidneys I always have to spend a penny during the night, last night I had to spend three pennies. I'm very thankful to have ensuites, they have revolutionised my life.

Today's Gratitude - 16/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for the House Martins.

This morning I pegged white cotton sheets to the clothesline in balmy 15 degrees and watched them unfurl in the gentle breeze. The freshly mown grass at my feet verdant and green. All the while the House Martins flit industrously about me, alighting at the eves in their flurry of nest building. Little wonders of nature that have migrated from Morocco brought back by their homing instincts, to nest and to brood in the place that they were born. It is the simple things in life that give the most pleasure. What a privilege.

Today's Gratitude - 15/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for the Oak tree at the back of my house.

The back of my house faces east and each day in the morning I face the rising sun. This is right and proper to the druid in me. In my eyeline is a beaufiful and ancient oak tree. It is to this tree that I say my Druid's Prayer. Oak is so sacred.

Paidir an Draoi 

Tabhair dúinn a OllSpiorad do chosaint, Agus i gCosaint Neart,  Agus i Neart Tuiscint,  Agus i dTuiscint Eolas, Agus i nEolas an Chirt an grá faoi, Agus i nGrá faoi an grá do na beathaí ar fad,  Agus i nGrá do na beathaí ar fad an Grá do OllSpiorad agus gach maitheas a bhaineann leis.  

Today's Gratitude - 14/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for the local bakery.

In my village is a bakery, it is the best little bakery in the world with the baker dedicated to his craft. It caters to the needs of locals and passing trade with wheat free spelt and honey bread available every day. he has baked birthday cakes for my daughter for most of her lifetime and long may he prosper, the cakes are delicious. This morning I treated myself to croissants, how blessed am I?

Today's Gratitude - 13/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for stones.

I wake up with a migrane once or twice a year. Thankfully they are that infrequent. I know how to make them go away, I take the drugs, go into a darkened room with a cold flannel on my forehead and I plan in my head a site with stones to visit. This morning I played Neil Diamond's song - "Stones" and if ever there were lyrics that got me...and I know of one within the 5km range that I will visit, just as soon as this pounding has lifted.

Today's Gratitude - 12/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for bookshelves.

My house was supposed to be filled with offspring and instead it is laden with books. The joke is that they are my children, in fact I have friends who hide their boutique purchases in the bottom of wardrobes, I hide books. I've more or less divided them out to two rooms though. My upstairs writing room which is the former babyroom and where I now write fiction. One entire wall is lined with english literature. My downstairs writing room is where all of my history books reside and where I write non fiction. This is the former playroom and it too is lined with bookshelves. If the truth be known though, they spill into other rooms too, with shelves in the kitchen, the sitting room and downstairs loo and now that I think of it there are more in the bedrooms. Oh I'm a lost cause.

Today's Gratitude - 11/05/2020

Today I am grateful for the rustle of leaves in the morning breeze.

I have a garden of trees, well a Druid would, Rowan, Oak, Holly, Ash, Hazel, Hawthorn, Beech. They chart the seasons for me and teem with wildlife. My first action every morning after I switch on the kettle is to open the gate and of late I haven't bothered with it, locking out the world in my time of hermitage. A Druidic Triad says that there are

"Three sounds one should treasure: the whisper of the wind through the leaves the songs of one's heart and the callings of the universe."

This morning I was greeted by the sound of the wind rustling in the trees by the gate and it was so lovely, so primal, so life enhancing.

Today's Gratitude - 10/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for Celtic Lore.

What I like about druidry are their timeless traditions, how they look to myth and legend for its inate wisdom. In the present turmoil it is important that we look to our roots and understand what has shaped us. Celtic Lore is full of teaching that values and protects the enviroment, it is at one with nature, lives in harmony with it. Being consultative and democratic is another main stay and valuing the female as equal to the male is also a thread throughout. I am grateful to glean their wisdoms.

Today's Gratitude - 09/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for spray paint.

Every day in a Druid's life there has to be a little font of inspiration. I need to create something every day, mostly it is something crafyed with words, a story, a play, a script, a memoir, a drama, a poem. Othertimes I like to create in paint and spray paint has afforted me great inspiration. I love it. 

Today's Gratitude - 08/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for teenagers.

In the last while my gratitudes have been for both my nieces and my nephews. So I rooted out all of the photographs I had taken of them since they were kneehigh to grasshoppers and posted to them individually with my home made cards. I got lovely, warming, heartfelt texts from them and that dialogue is so precious. It is lovely to break that code, find a route into their world and be the cool aunty. 

Today's Gratitude - 07/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for the full moon.

The Native Americans gave each moon's month a name. May's full moon is known as the Flower or Milk Moon. This moon is the last supermoon of 2020 and will look full in our skies for about three nights. The term "supermoon" refers to either a new or a full moon that is at the closest point to Earth along its orbit around earth. There is moon-God in Irish mythology, Elatha or Elathan (modern spelling: Ealadha) who was a prince of the Fomorians and the father of Bres by Ériu of the Tuatha Dé Danann. (After whom Ireland is named). He is said to visit Ériu on the night of the full moon. He comes by sea on a silver boat.

Today's Gratitude - 06/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for magazine files.

These are a God send to any writer. I got some in recycled card and they are invaluable to my craft.

Today's Gratitude - 05/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for Uisneach's Fires.

Uisneach is the mythological and sacred centre of Ireland. At its heart is Aill na Mireann, or the Catstone, where the five provinces of Ireland meet. With links to Ériu and Lugh it is indeed a very sacred place. On Bealtaine, a fire is lit on Uisneach, this lighting of the Uisneach fire was the signal for igniting fires on many hills across the whole island creating a unique, fire eye, with the Uisneach fire being the pupil. This year I won't be there, but I will be in spirit and I will light my own flame and keep the fires burning :)

Today's Gratitude - 04/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for clocks.

Even though time doesn't exist, clocks really were a great invention. Time is the fourth dimension. It is a concept, it cannot be studied with a microscope or an experiment. Yet, time continually passes and us mere mortals, we just cannot say what exactly happens when time passes. A clock is a device used to measure, keep, and indicate time. It has a magic all of its own.

Today's Gratitude - 03/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for the sunsets we have been having.

My house faces west towards Slievenamon and the Bealtaine sunsets have been stunning. The mountain is steeped in folklore and is associated with Fionn mac Cumhaill. On its summit are the remains of ancient burial cairns, which were seen as portals to the Otherworld. Two of the  burial cairns (there are four in total) on the mountain are called Síd ar Femin (Sí ar Feimhin, the "fairy mound over Femen") and Sí Ghamhnaí ("fairy mound of the calves"). They were seen as the abodes of gods and entrances to the Otherworld. One of the burial cairns is said to be the abode of the god Bodhbh Dearg, son of the Dagda. And I think that it is over one of these mounds that the sun sets at Bealtaine, at least it seems so from my humble observations.

Today's Gratitude - 02/05/2020

Today I'm grateful for a small world.

There is a website


It shows me how small my world is. I've loads to explore and I'm grateful.

Today's Gratitude 01/05/2020

Today I am grateful for May Day (Lá Bealtaine).

To some people May Day is an international radio distress signal used by ships and aircraft, not to me though. May Day heralds a season of blossoming flowers and fruit trees. A great Bonfire is lit at Uisneach to the Goddess Eiru and it is from here that there is a line of sight to all other fires in Ireland. We are half way between the spring equinox and midsummer and it is such a special time. A liminal time, when the veil between this world and the other one is lifted.

Today's Gratitude - 30/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for poetry.

Today is world poetry day. And even Covid cannot stop the creators of it. Poetry from the classic to the contemporary, from the sublime to the profane, binds us all and I love it. What I especially love are the collective of people it connects me to. And I'm grateful for all poems received today. x

Today's Gratitude 29/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for old friends who inadvertently send books.

In my last vegetable delivery there was a book in a bag for me to read. It came all of the way from Skibereen, it is called The Echo Maker by Richard Powers. I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant for me originally, but my Skibereen friend is very glad I am getting the opportunity to read it. So now I must read it and make sure it makes it's way back to west Cork - I'm due a visit there anyway. Post Covid !!!!!!

Today's Gratitude - 28/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for Bealtaine.

The festival of Bealtine marks the begining of summer, it is a liminal time, when the veil between this world and the other world is lifted. It is midpoint between the spring equinox and midsummer. In the days that lead up to it, I begin to decorate my May bush, and make my flower garlands to honour the Sidhe and gather firewood for my Brigid's Fire. Bealtaine is when Druids light the fire at Uisneach and honour our mother Goddess Eirú.

Today's Gratitude - 27/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for the Thesaurus.

The word "thesaurus"comes from Latin thēsaurus, which means 'treasure, treasury, storehouse'. Essentially a thesaurus is a reference work for finding synonyms and sometimes antonyms of words. They are often used by writers to help find the best word to express an idea. A Druid Scribe cannot survive without one.

Today's Gratitude - 26/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for my nephews.

Today I am grateful for my nephews, there are nine and that is sacred geometry, and one a Godson. They are all mean hurlers the lot of them, spanning two counties and not a bit of rivalry between them. Yeah right! All healthy competition as you'd expect between Setantas. To give them their dues, I love my nephews.

Today's Gratitude - 25/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for all of my nieces.

I have seven nieces, isn't that a lucky number, they span the globe and thirty years and one more lovely than the other. Snow White had seven Dwarfs, I have seven nieces. They are all treasures, one is my Godchild, and of late I've gotten lovely messages, simple things that make me smile from ear to ear...'How is Aunty Mawie?....Aww lovely. I love my nieces to pieces.

Today's Gratitude - 24/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for the people who have eternal patience with me.

I have fallen behind on some deadlines of late, circumstances too numerous and complex to go into, have gotten in the way. People have been so patient with me. Thank you.


Today's Gratitude - 23/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for the 'Banks of Sweet Primroses'

Both the flowers to the banks around my house and the song. The primrose was sacred by our Celtic ancestors who believed it held the keys to heaven. And Primroses bloomed in Tír na nÓg. Anyone who might return from this legendary land would always carry a bunch of primroses.

So come all young men who go a-sailing

Pray pay attention to what I say

For there's many a dark and a cloudy morning

Turns out to be a sunshiny day

Today's Gratitude - 22/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for my nail file.

I'm not high maintenance by any stretch of the imagination. Some women miss their hairdressers, I miss the nail salon. There is something in the profession of librarianship that wreaks havoc with ones nails; it's something to do with shelving books alphabetically. Anyway, it is my one treat to myself, once a month I get my nails done. These days I've morphed into a domestic goddess and well, my nails are not nearly getting as much attention, which is why I am glad of my nail file, for it puts me to rights again.

Today's Gratitude - 21/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for organic Irish Setanta potatoes.

Working women don't tend to like the humble spud. Mostly because it has become for them the penultimate symbol of the double day, the thing that best epitomises the start to your second day's work, when you get in from work and your first job is to start peeling potatoes. 

There are too soltions, get your partner to cook or get Sentanta potaoes. It is very apt that these are named after our greatest hero Cú Chulainn. It is a lovely floury spud that stays intact in it's skin, full of goodness and filling and yummy.

Today's Gratitude - 20/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for the ability to say 'NO'.

It is a tiny word, with only two letters, yet it is a powerful thing. My schedule is stacked and time is eeking away from me. Five weeks of isolation and I should be further into my project. I must give it the attention it deserves. These are the days I’ve promised to my book. Expect No's from me, and remember they will make the 'Yes' more worth it.

Today's Gratitude - 19/04/2020.

Today I'm grateful for the Chaffinches in my garden.

In that rare and precious half hour to myself this morning, before the rest of the house descended on me, I watched a breeding pair of Chaffinches pecking at seeds in my garden. I was transfixed by their industriousness, their plumage and by their presence.

Today's Gratitude - 18/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for the healing power of Arnica Cream

Arnica Cream is a homeopathic remidy for bruises. The flower of the arnica plant has been used for hundreds of years for its apparent benefits. Traditionally, it’s been used to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising. It is one of those great Mammy remedies.

Today's Gratitude - 17/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for my creativity.

I spent yesterday making cards from recycled materials. The Druid in me needed to so honour the earth. Today I must spend writing said cards. Please send my your address, I will post you one gladly :)

Today's Gratitude - 16/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for everyone who takes time out to call me.

There is noting nicer than to kick back, enjoy a cuppa and settle into a phonecall. I am so grateful to all of the people who have taken time out of their days to call me and say hi, how are you doing? All of my relationships are important to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Today's Gratitude - 15/04/2020

Todat I'm grateful for depilatory cream.

Simply that. Need I say anymore?

Today's Gratitude - 14/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for Apple Blossom.

I love how the scent fills the air and I love having the time to enjoy it.

Today's Gratitude - 13/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for people who write me letters.

It is such a pleasure to go to my letterbox of a morn and find a handwritten letter in there. So many of you have written me cards and letters since I became a hermit. Thank you all.

Today's Gratitude - 12/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for beetroot salad.

Easter Sunday on my own, no roast lamb to cook, or nut roast in a vegetarian house. Organic beetroots from my neighbors garden, mixed with feta, pear and walnuts, and some balsamic, how bad you'd be. Yummy.

Today's Gratitude - 11/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for hospital windows.

In these challenging times I'm grateful for the windows that face the car park in my local hospital.

Today's Gratitude - 10/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for Peter Gabriel Lyrics

'In your eyes I am complete. In your eyes I see the doorway to a thousand churches.

In your eyes the resolution of all the fruitless searches. In your eyes I see the light and the heat.

In your eyes oh, I want to be that complete. I want to touch the light the heat I see in your eyes.'

Today's Gratitude - 09/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for those in the front line. 

I'm especially grateful for the frontline staff who look after us when we are ill. The nurses, the caregivers, the doctors, the drivers, the cooks, the cleaners, the radiologists, the teams, the administrators, the chemists, the exceptional people who earn their living looking after us wshen we are poorly. They all wear halos in these trying times.

Today's Gratitude - 08/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for brothers.

I am lucky to have two brothers.And whilst I am biased, they really are the best brothers in the world. I waited thirteen years for one and seventeen years for the other and they have thrived and blossomed into amazing men, who I am proud to know. They are the best friends, I often felt for them coming in the wake of four older sisters, but you know what, it was the makings of them. They are hugely funny, nobody can make me laugh so much, both are gifted craftsmen and steady in life, good and kind and obliging. Happiest Birthday Ol - we will have that pint.


Today's Gratitude 07/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for the Vikings.

History depicts the Viking as savage marauders who stole in from the seas on their stallions or longboats, murdering and pillaging as they went. In fact they formed our first towns, brought us commerce and some of the most  emblematic and ornate artwork on everyday objects. In fact the norsemen assimillated their language with ours also and we find that many of our modern words have Viking origins. They even managed to secure three of the days of the week—Thursday – Thor’s Day and Tuesday – Tiw’s Day—and Wednesday—Wodan’s Day. I have a thing for the Vikings. 

Today's Gratitude 06/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for birthdays to celebrate.

Twenty three years ago today I had an emergency C -Section and my youngest was born six weeks too early. She thrived, always ahead of herself, always out there. It is lovely to be able to celebrate her birthday today. 

Today's Gratitude - 05/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for obedient dogs.

Alfie Wobblechops is a Weimaraner. He has been with me now for about five years, came to me unbidden as protector. Their name means 'Silver Ghost' and apparently they were bred to hunt big prey like bear and deer. He is such an adorably lovely hound and I often joke that he is the only man in my life that I love unconditionally.(Which isn't true of course) Yesterday on my walk, he was set to take off after a lesser creature, as is his nature I suppose, but he responded to my instructions and sat obediently at my feet and I was grateful because I wouldn't have liked the resulting carnage.

Today's Gratitude - 04/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for midnight chats.

There is something deep and intense about the chinwags you do have into the night. There is something about the witching hour that opens the portal to within. You glean amazing insights; somehow you traverse some far off shore with only lights to guide you. 

Today's Gratitude - 03/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for Liquid Mercury.

The etymology of the 'Liquid Mercury' stems from the Latin for "water-silver". It is very apt for the mirror like quality. It is also known as 'Quicksilver'. It has beguiling qualities. The only metal which is liquid at room temperature and has the alchemical quality of one of the 'elixirs of immortality', indeed it's modern day use is in thermometers. (One of the reasons I am glad of it in these Covid 19 times.) I am drawn to the potent image of it, like a shimmering, calm sea on a moonlit night, silvery white mercury, insulated and potent.  

Today's Gratitude - 02/04/2020

Today I'm grateful for having a sense of humour.

Yesterday being April Fool's Day I got to thinking of all of the times I had the fun poked out of me and all of the times I gave it back two fold. It is good in life to have a sense of humour, it carries you a long way. I think a good sense of humour gives you a good sense of life. Laughter can be the best medicine.

Today's Gratitude - -1/04/2020

Today I'm grateful to have issues.

I asked someone in my house to pass me the hairdryer. It was hanging on it's hook on the back of the wardrobe door, where it always hangs. Any mother with daughters knows that you have to squirrel away your girly things sometimes, because they oft as not end up in their collection. Plus I'm a Librarian and well, we all suffer from some form of OCD, everything has a place and there is a place for everything. AND, when you are the Mammy in the house, you are the go to place for everything. So when she saw my neatly hung up hairdryer, she rolled her eyes and stated 'You have issues.'

I'm grateful for everyone of my issues. :)

Today's Gratitude - 31/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for 7 herbs and Aloe Vera.

That is the name on my shampoo bottle. I don't use a specific shampoo, just whatever is to hand and there are loads of scrawby bits in the ends of bottles in the bathroom cabinet, forgotton in favour of the latest trend. As I'm avoiding shops in my cocooning I was very glad of this one. And I got a poem out of it as well.

Today's Gratitude - 30/03/2020

Today I am grateful for strength.

I am proud of the woman I am today. She did not come easy. I went through one hell of a time becoming her.

Today's Gratitude - 29/03/2020

Today I'm gratfeul for Venus in the nightsky.

Time brings us many gifts, not least of which is time. It makes us stop, look around and see things. The night sky is so devoid of planes currently and on these nights the sparkle of the heavens gifts us with Venus to the right of the moon at about 5pm if you imagine the full moon as a face. Presently that lunar face it is just a sliver. But, wow, get out, look up, it is stunning. Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. As the second-brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon, Venus can cast shadows.

Today's Gratitude - 28/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for the internet.

Can you imagine a world without it? It is this amazing thing that in times of isolation enable us all to be connected. I am so heartened by the people who have seen fit to make contact with me, to stay in touch with me. You all brighten my day.

Today's Gratitude - 27/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for tears.

It seems odd to be grateful for tears. It is wonderfully human though. There is no greater grace than being able to let them flow, to find that kind of expression. There is a mighty release in being able to snot and bawl.

Today's Gratitude - 26/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for the ability to rest.

In order to be productive we need to be able to take down time. Our bodies and our minds need time out. Sometimes we are so wrecked and ragged from want of rest, it makes us cranky and stressed. In resting we dream we rejuvinate. The ancient people welcomed dreams as messages from the divine. They invested in rest, we should too.


Today's Gratitude - 25/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for being able to keep busy.

Besing busy and keeping active has long since been my antidote to the trials of life. It's true, I'm a doer. It's true. Im a  get on with is kinga gal. These days I'm grateful to be active. to be busy  to have things to do, it is good for the soul. Industrious traits are essential if you hope to overcome obstacles, motivate yourself, and achieve your dreams. Being industrious includes working hard with energy, devotion, and diligence.

Today's Gratitude - 23/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for life itself.

For reasons I cannot even begin to go into, today I'm grateful for life itself. Simply that.

Today's Gratitude - 24/03/2020

Today I am grateful for time to think.

Sometimes headspace is important. We all need to claim it. We all need time alone with out thoughts, to be reflective, to search deep into the core of ourselves and glean insights. Some people call this meditation and a meditative life is a richer one.

Today's Gratitude - 22/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for all mothers.

It begins with Momma Number One, the Mother Goddess. We have so many in Irish myth, there is one in every culture and in every creed. The archtype mother, the great bastion. My own mother is a shining example of strength and endurance. She is an entire encyclopaedia of smarts. To her I owe everything and I don't tell her so much but she is important to me and I love her to her bones.

Today's Gratitude - 21/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for the Equinox. 

The vernal Equinox is sacred to the Druids. It is a time of equals. Equal day and equal night midpoint between mid summer and mid winter. It is sacred too in Irish myth, the time when Hares traverse into the otherworld and take on their Goddess form. It is a time of growth and renewal. I was rewarded with a blood red sunset, skies aglow with life. 

Today's Gratitude - 20/03/2020

Today I am grateful for intention.

There is an intention in every interaction, in every relationship. Intention is what fuels action. Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. All great acts are ruled by intention. What you mean, the power or force behind your intention is what you get. When they are pure, there is no greater thing. In sleep we dream in waking we chase our intentions down.

Today's Gratitude - 19/03/2020

Today I am grateful for togetherness.

A loved one returned to me from abroad today. All on the eve of all airlines grounding 80% of their fleet. I'm so relieved she is home. Together is a wonderful place to be. It is those moments that really matter in this life, they change us, make us appreciate the other. And now we must social distance and all in the same house.

Today's Gratitude - 18/02/2020

Today I am grateful for old clothes.

There is something lovely in not having to doll yourself up to face the world. There is sublime pleasure in flopping around the house in leggins that mould around you and that old comfie jumper that you cannot bear to throw away, the one that you might be arrested in if you were ever seen out in public with it.  You can bleach the house in them and not worry about discolouring your clothes, you can dust cobwebs, paint things, they are versatile beyone measure. And joy of joy they don't have to match, gone be the pressure to colour co-ordinate. 

Today's Gratitude - 17/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for my Irish Heritage.

It is very apt on the day that is in it, St Patrick's Day thate I can reflect and celebrate my Irish heritage. And in these trying times where we are all socially isolating, it is much more poignant. We have so much on our landscape, in our fields, monuments in our towns, flora and fauna, it is a blessed place to be. And I have started an online course on the Book of Kells. We have rich seams to mine.

Today's Gratitude - 16/03/2020

Today I'm grateful for Genealogy

A project I have long since wanted to do was to complete my family tree along the matrilineal line. Now I have the time, so I'm enjoying that, discovering this hidden history and shattering and or colluding with the family myths. It is fun and the perfect way for a Druid to honour her ancestors. 

Today's Gratitude - 15/03/2020

Today I am grateful for my Library Card.

In these trying trying times of lockdown and social isolation it gives me access to a whole host of things including; ebooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, eCourses. It gives me access to eArchives too and JStore and newspapers etc. And I am good at genealogy. This down time is precious, Im making the most of it.

Today's Gratitude - 14/03/2020

Today I am grateful for my tribe.

I have often said it, I’ve the best friends in the world and I not nearly so deserving and I don’t know what I do to make it so, but it is how it is. They are my tribe. Who are my tribe though? They are an eclectic mix young old, male  and female, foreign and native, related and unrelated, married and single, rich and poor. They mean the world to me. They are the ones who have my back, who level with me, who challenge and support me. They accept me for who I am and delight in it. They are the ones who seek me out and above all else, they will be the ones who walk in when everyone else walks out. My life would be lesser without them. 

Today's Gratitude - 13/02/2020

Today I am grateful for the ill winds that blow some good.

Those of you who did Peig Sayers will be familiar with the séanfhocail;

' Is olc an ghaoth nach séideann do dhuine éigin'

'It is an ill wind that doesn't blow some good.'

I have been grounded, things I've worked on since last August have to be rescheduled, I'm stopped in my tracks. I'm grateful to be able to embrace it, to face a different way and meet the challenge of it. Let us see what good comes of it.

Today's Gratitude - 12/03/2020

Today I am grateful for decision makers.

These are trying times, the world is in the grip of a pandemic. None of us knows where it goes, what it does, what the final analysis will be. And there are those that are charged with making the decisions around it big, massive, cause and effect, life altering decisions. These things are tough calls. I am grateful to them.

Today's Gratitude - 11/03/2020

Today I am grateful for quiet days.

Today flew, yet it wasn't busy. It was just an ordinary day in the life that is mine. So many times I caught myself thinking, I've time to take a teabreak or all that is sorted, nothing was hanging over me, I was on top of things. And the weather complied, there was sunshine and warmth in the day.


Today's Gratitude - 11/2/2020

Today I am grateful for old black and white photographs.

There is a lovely joy in chancing upon an old black and white photograph. It's a snapshot in time, a tunnel into history. Sometimes they are old photos of your childhood or ones of a relative, an ancestor. You look for resemblences, it is nostalgic, a trip down memory lane. And memory if you notice seems to have this great quality of warmth about it, it brings you the good times.


Today's Gratitude - 10/3/2020

Today I'm grateful for old tales with new meanings.

A tale or a fable is a story which often involves magic or flights of fancy, it is where exciting things happen. Myth too brings us lore and magic. Aeosep brought us so many. Behind each one is a hidden meaning, a metaphor for life. I love burrowing down into them, prising them apart and gleaning what they are really saying.

Today's Gratitude - 9th March 2020

Today I am grateful for a good reliable car.

I had occasion today to make a long journey at short notice. It as gratifying to know that I could sit into my teenage car and kno it ould get me there ithout incident. I know my car ell, know it's capabilities it serves me well on my road less travelled. 

Today's Gratitude - 8th March 2020 International Women's Day

Today I am grateful for the coven of women.

Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues and them mná of Ireland. You are my tribe. A coven denotes a gathering a collective with similiar ideals,  pursuing similiar goals. usually a coven numbers thirteen the number of dancers who can fit into a 9 foot circle and this is all sacred geometry. each member has its own particular magic. When united they are potent.

Today's Gratitude - 7th March 2020

Today I am grateful for Daughters.

Daughters hold our hands for a little while and our hearts forever. They are the miracles that cease to be miraculous.  I am blessed with two generous, warm, beautiful, smart daughters. I am the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter and today my firstborn, had her firstborn, also a daughter. It is the thread of life, my genetic code brought forward. 

Today's Gratitude - 6th March 2020

Today I am grateful for the power of hugs.

I had coffee with someone I've known forever and I got the best hug. It was a Carlsberg one, reached parts that no other hug could. It was the kind of hug that infuses energy and acceptance and regard. And in the evening in a cold theatre I was hugged by fellow presenters, and warmed by hot water bottles. To everyone who hugged me, thank you.

Today's Gratitude - 5th March 2020

Today I am grateful for supportive colleagues.

I have been inordinately busy at work. It is self inflicted and I am not complaining. The progress and the rewards are worth it. My colleagues and managers have been exceptionally supportive. That solidarity is such a special thing, it buoys me up, has my back and stands shoulder to shoulder beside me when I need it. I set my own work ethic, so it is particularily gratifying to have team support. It is a very lovely thing, a chime in a chorus. Sublime.

Today's Gratitude - 4th March 2020

Today I am grateful for blue sky.

Blue is my favourite colour. There are so many hues in blue. There is sea blue, and there is sky blue. Sky above us and oceans around us. It is like daily bread to the eye. Yet in our land, we have so much grey and so many dull and overcast days. I do not get to the coast half as often as I'd like to so it was especially warming to see a mantel of blue. I felt wrapped in a cloak of protection.

Today's Gratitude - 3rd March 2020

Today I'm grateful for music and song. 

It is true that music soothes the most savage beast. There is something in a song and in particular the story song that speaks to the soul. It is esquisitely lovely, if you'll forgive the pronoun, of a promising sun blessed day in Spring, to indulge in a playlist. Songs frame feelings, they portray meaning to things, voice what we stumble on. All sung, in the language of music, enhanced by harmony, rhythm in the primal of the percussion. Twould do any soul good surely. 

Today's Gratitude - 2nd March 2020


Today I am grateful for inspiration

A writer needs inspiration. A Druid needs 'Imbas'. They are one and the same thing as I sense it. The wonder of inspiration is that it can be gleaned anywhere. The trick is in mining it. Sometimes the seams are so compressed between layers that it seems almost impossible.

Today I was in the company of four amazing women and each of them inspired me in their own individual ways. They inspired by their insight, their journey, their ways and their passion and they inspired me by the inflection of their voices, by the genuinessness of their eye contact, by how they held me captive and by their presence. Mostly they inspired me to be myself and I am forever grateful for that. 

Today's Gratitude - Ist March 2020

Today I am grateful for the kindness of friends.

Of late I have been inordinately busy. It has served me well, busy is my antedote to the trials of life. The current ones are condensed into three losses. A friend died, I lost my purse and a friend chose to walk out of my life. Things sometimes come in threes like that.

I'm grateful for the friends who checked in with me. I am sustained by the copious amounts of coffee profferred in front of me. I will never forget the shield maiden who set a whole morning aside in the midst of a key battle in her own life to check in and sooth me and place strawberry and bilberry meranges beside the coffee. I smiled deeply inside when a lemon card was sent to me from a beautiful woman checking out her honeymoon destination to let me know she was thinking of me. Another sent me a St Patrick's Day card in February which read 'Feck the Patriarchy, Brigid Abú.' To the absolute legend of a lady, who very nearly pierced my armour when she caught me in a vicelike Mammy hug and told me to down tools and stop and rest and sleep and texted me later that night to make sure I had, I love that you saw me. And to my sister who visited out of the blue, that was such a lovely surprise.

Thank you all, I have the best friends in the world. You are my tribe.