The Scribe in Me.

The Scribe in Me.

To My Tribe

This serves as my place to appreciate you, my tribe,

for fear it remains unsaid and that would be sacrilege.

I am part of a WhatsApp group of women who all worked together on a fundraising creative endeavour. It was a resounding success on so many levels the greatest of which is the bond that we forged together.

And now, admidst COVID-19 we all carry each other along. Every day in social isolation there is insight and laughter, creativity and song. What a tribe, a band of warrior women whose united strength circles Slievenamon. They are a coven of creativity a cauldren of comfort. 

Bless the ground whereon those women stand, maybe they all be well in themselves and safe. And when all of this is over, we will emerge from our caves and collectively create again.